The compositions, as well as the tones, are almost essential I would say shy but does not escape, perhaps just for that, the certainty of the mark that dominates them as the gentleness with which the artist works with her brushes.
Nalda Mura - Il Corriere del Pomeriggio 8 May 1967

  The suggestion of the color and of the light is springing from an inmost emotion, which has always been congenial to the soul of the painter, careful to perceive the fascinating of the present, which go from the gentleness of the flowers to the absorbed feminine figures painted with absolute truth and delicacy of accent.
Silvio Riolfo (from the Presentation) 2 June 1970

  Mariarosa Scerbo learnt the basics of her visual poetry in the ceramic workshops from the Masters, the same way it was done during the Renaissance period from 1300 to 1500 when art in Italy was at its peak.
There is something though that she has always had since the beginning and hasn't needed to learn from anyone and that is her vigorous and steady drawing. This is her strong point. This is what makes her unique even though still young; the tendency not to point on decorative motives, on landscapes but to stop and concentrate on the human figure and face, often creating real portraits in large plates. This way the plate is transformed in a painting, with the use of the ingobbio tecnique with fresh clay.
Aldo Capasso (from the Presentation) 28 July 1978

  It is many years that I know the painting of the Scerbo and I have to admit that the original tracts of the lines and of the colors of her paintints have always struct me.They are tracts that stay in front of your eyes in their essentiality: traced lines in a strong manner, almost suffering marks of a deep wound, which echoes the cosmic drama of a world which is selfdestructing. Nevertheless Scerbo believes in life. The continuous following one after the other of her maternities, who look with apprehension to the destiny of the existence, do not stop their embrace of life, always more impassioned and clenched.
Giovanni Farris (from the Presentation) 24 March 2007.